Leather Naturally Fact Sheet Available

The Leather Naturally Fact Sheet is now available - it presents as series of truths that are often misrepresented about the leather industry in a straightforward and easy-to-understand format.

Leather Naturally Industry Video Collaboration

A group of European leather industry players, supported by Leather Naturally, have produced a video to promote responsibly produced leather. 

What is Leather?

Produced by UKLF this concise guide explains what leather is and perhaps more importantly what it is not as it busts some popular myths and explains just why leather is such an enduring and truly sustainable material.

Leather is a Good Material

Looking objectively at the world today we know we consume too much “stuff”, get pressured by the consumer society to replace it too quickly, and that a high percentage of that “stuff” is not responsibly made or recycled for one reason or another.

Veg or Chrome?

Chrome and vegetable tanning both produce appealing and distinctive leathers but to assume that 'natural' trumps 'chrome' in terms of impact is simplistic and misunderstands the process.

Is Beef Really that Bad for the Planet?

"I recently stood in a trade show booth for multiple days and answered consumer questions about beef production. It’s amazing that some environmentally conscious consumers actually believe the hype that beef production is causing more global warming than all transportation combined in our county!"  Gregory Bloom,

Leather Law in Brazil

When is leather not leather? Brazil is very clear on the facts and has enacted a law that protects its leather industry from materials that use incorrect and confusing terminology.

What is Bonded Leather?

When a consumer TV piece in the USA needed advice on how to differentiate bonded leather from full grain in response to a quality issue, Steve Lange Director of the Leather Research Laboratory at the University of Cincinnati shared his expertise.

Sustainable Future for Car Seats Best with Leather

It is entirely false to equate the use of plastic in automobile seating with sustainability.  If car owners want to be sustainable they would insist on leather. Well-made leather from globally responsible factories is an engineered product of the highest quality. Unlike plastic it is natural and is not from a fossil fuel.

What will the Tannery in 2030 be like?

International Leather Maker has published a personal view of Egbert Dikkers, Chair of Leather Naturally of what the leather supply chain could be like by 2030.