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Further Developments at LeatherNaturally!

Release date: 6/22/2012

LeatherNaturally! have announced that Cary Bean of Eagle Ottawa has joined the Board which is tasked to steer the organisation forward.

The complete membership of the Board is now as follows:

Egale.jpgCary Bean, Eagle Ottawa
Jon Clark, Prime Asia
Michael Duck, APLF
Reg Hankey, Pittards
Richard Pai, Tahcheng
Eric Poles, Silvateam    
Mr Cary Bean, Eagle Ottawa

The Brand Union have now completed the first phase of the secondary research and are well through the primary research to be on schedule for the start of activities on schedule in the autumn.

The secondary research indicated that the activity of the anti leather sector continues to grow. It uses investigative, exposé style reporting developing a strong emotional appeal aimed at shocking consumers into action. At the moment is reaches mostly a niche audience but increasingly there is a  mainstream audience crossover.

The image of leather itself was found to be “boring” and “stodgy” in particular with younger market segments. LeatherNaturally! represents tanners and associated companies promoting leather as a high quality sustainable material.