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9/28/2017 - GLCC News Release

GLCC calls on Governments for legal protection of the term “Leather” to counter the spread of false and misleading descriptions abusing the term that deceive and confuse consumers.

3/10/2015 - LeatherNaturally! – A call to action

LeatherNaturally! is a wonderful concept that aims to promote the beautiful material that is leather.

12/8/2013 - LeatherNaturally! Supports UGG Boots against a totally unjustified attack

On November 13th, 2013, UGG Boots came under attack through a comment written on a Small Business site hoisted by Yahoo. Shortly after Yahoo removed the post saying "the article that was originally located here was inaccurate and misleading".

6/22/2012 - Further Developments at LeatherNaturally!

LeatherNaturally! have announced that Cary Bean of Eagle Ottawa has joined the Board which is tasked to steer the organisation forward.

2/18/2012 - LeatherNaturally! and the PETA video by Stella McCartney

The leather industry has no problem with a high profile, talented and successful designer such as Stella McCartney using her status to promote sincerely held beliefs. Yet people who have access to the media and can expect to shape the opinions of others must use that power responsibly.

8/29/2011 - LeatherNaturally! Advances its Cause

After months of open discussions, the LeatherNaturally! Concept is now ready to move to the next stage of activity and is actively gathering funds for a research study into consumer attitudes towards leather.

4/8/2011 - LeatherNaturally! continues to grow

Logo to be made available to stakeholders

10/8/2010 - Leather Naturally! Who are the stakeholders?

Little more than six months after its launch at APLF 2010 in Hong Kong, the Leather Naturally! campaign is gathering pace and attracting support from influential stakeholders in the industry.

9/14/2010 - Defending Leather

Leather Naturally! initiative discussed at ACLE 2010