Detek Dernegi

DETEK was established in 1995. 

DETEK support the scientific infrastructure of Turkish Leather Industry, to integrate world-wide leather science and technologies to our industry, create of interest in leather technology with other disciplines and contribute the developments of Global Leather Industry.

Association of Leather Technologists-Technicians and Chemists (DETEK), was established in Turkey in 1995 to support and strengthen the technical and scientific infrastructure of the leather sector in Turkey, to help it integrate with world scale leather technique and science, create interest in other disciplines for leather technology and contribute to its global development. All members of the association are the technical staff, engineers and academics specialized in leather and people who have constantly worked in leather industry
for 10 years, no matter the their discipline.
DETEK has been a member of the International Union of Leather Technologists
and Chemists Societies since 2003. In this context, it directly contributes to the
preparation, adoption and updating of Standard Test Methods for Leather and
their ratification as ISO, EN standards.
As a IULTCS member’s mission, it transfers developments in the field of leather
in the world to Turkish Leather Sector and transfers developments in Turkish
Leather Sector to the world platform.
DETEK has been organizing technical meetings, seminars, congresses and
conferences on a regular basis, in parallel with its main purpose. The association
fulfils its mission of consultation and expertise in issues and problems that may
arise in terms of leather technique and science on Sectoral scale.


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