Americana de Curtidos

A third generation family business focused on our quality hand in hand with the environment with over 60 years of experience in the leather industry.

Today we make leather for different markets; automotive, safety footwear and leather goods industries focusing on achieving the highest quality and environmental standards. 

Americana de Curtidos was founded in 1968 by Alberto Salazar Nieto, a former bank employee who was introduced to the Leather industry by accident in 1951. He immediately fell in love with leather making and he started as partner and manager of a tannery in the same year. Three years later he travelled to Germany, where he spent two years learning about the leather tanning process. With his newly acquired knowledge, he returned to Colombia and increased the production capacity to 10.000 hides per month.

In 1968, after some disagreements with his partners, Alberto decided to divest in the joint venture, in favor of starting his own tannery, which was to be known as Americana de Curtidos. His four sons joined him in his adventure; together they transformed the company, from being a small Sole Leather Tannery, into a successful business that exports over 45% of its production into the European, American and Asian Markets, with products destined to the Automotive, Safety Footwear and Leather goods industries, controlling the process from raw to finished goods.
Our State of the Art Physical Testing Laboratory ensures that all of our production is up the customer standards. And our in-house Water Treatment Facility shows our commitment to reduce the impact we have on the environment.
The passion and love that our grandfather had for this industry was transmitted to the whole family, and today we are proud to be part of a third generation that is committed to keep our grandfather legacy alive, driving our company forward, and keeping our customers satisfied.

Besides the Americana de Curtidos we also have 2 small brands of leather goods:

Saint Lazare: Saint Lazare is characterized by its versatility; it is casual everyday wear for women and men. In Saint Lazare comfort comes first. Everything is 100% leather.

Volta Celeste: Volta Celeste is characterized by its luxury Italian hardware, its sophisticated design and its high quality leather. Everything is 100% leather.



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