How to stretch your leather?

Leather has long lasting comfort and shoes, jackets - even a wallet carried in the pocket will mould to the individual wearer.

Make your own sneakers!

Ever wanted to make your own sneakers? Learn how with The Shoe Surgoen School.

Whether coat, dress or shirt - leather is one of the most popular materials this season

Leather as a complete look is one of the hottest trends this autumn and winter.

3 reasons why Louis Vuitton uses leather

Cristal clear why Vuitton uses leather. Read the 3 reasons of CEO - Michael Burke

Leather Industry Calls for Higg Index Review

Leather Naturally is one of the co-signatories requesting that the Higg index MSI score for leather be suspended pending review of the underlying methodologies and data.

Meet the Maker - Francesco La Rosa

Get to learn this amazing Italian Meet the Maker artist “Francesco La Rosa”. Real art on leather. Learn how his artworks are created.

Win these cool "Metcha" Sneakers

Metcha and The Shoe Surgeon @theshoesurgeon teamed up and started a GiveAway for one & only Air Jordan XI "Prototype" custom design. They can be yours! 

’The European Commission is being called on to regulate the use of the term leather.

’The European Commission is being called on to regulate the use of the term leather'. Why? Because consumers are confused.

Will Leather Finally Make the Leap from Runway to Retail This Fall?

When you read the Sourcing Journal, leather clothing is an essential item in your wardrobe this season. 

Hermès | Watch the love for their products and their sustainability

Leather Naturally believe in buy less, buy better, buy leather. In the world of mass production Hermès strives to add value and quality to products such as their bags that are worth keeping for life and repair them when necessary. 

You are a vegetarian and produce Leather, is that a contradiction?

An interview with vegetarian Ana Maria Vasconcelos of the company Belcinto in which she explains why she sees no contradiction in using leather and looking at how they create sustainable products that last a lifetime.

Webinar - Leather Learning of April 14th

Have you missed Part 1 of the webinar "Leather Learning", that was arranged by the Textile Exchange, no worries. It is recorded. 

Fiat 500 gets a sexy Armani makeover with leather

The Fiat 500 just got a very special makeover which includes an amazing leather and wood interior.

The Restory

One of the most enduring of all leather qualities is its longevity, it ages beautifully and well-made products can pass from generation to generation. 

Peterson & Stoop

Jelske Peterson and Jarah Stoop are the names behind the brand Peterson & Stoop - a duo that is taking a pioneering and sustainable approach to footwear production and design.

Longchamp CEO defends name “leather”

International Leather Maker published from the French magazine Madame Figaro an interview with Jean Cassegrain, grandson of Longchamp’s founder and General Manager of the company, said he refutes ‘greenwashing’ and there is no such thing as ‘vegan leather’.

Nobody passes on their t-shirt to their grandchildren..

Slightly Alabama designs and manufactures limited quantity leather goods in West Village, NY. Metcha interviewed Creative Director, Dana Glaeser about making what he loves, and where he finds inspiration.

LVMH: Luxury & sustainability go hand in hand

LVMH has published LIFE2020: Four objectives towards environmental excellence as part of its ongoing programme of embedding sustainable development throughout the business.

Don't fabricate an attack on leather

The article published in the Guardian blaming leather for fuelling Amazon fires has attracted criticism for its inaccuracies. In the interests of transparency Leather Naturally reproduces below the response from founder member Dr Michael Redwood in which he expresses his concern that a misinformed public will be driven to choosing materials derived from fossil fuels.

New automotive leather resource

The new One 4 Leather website has launched and in the words of the organisation, sets out to provide transparent information about leather as a material of choice in vehicles. 

Leather Rail Seats Save Money, Add Value

Scottish leather company Muirhead has released a video detailing its recent refurbishment project with Irish Rail. Thought to be the largest project of its type, 234 carriages and 15,500 seats were refurbished with leather.

Fashion industry needs to stop vilifying leather

Having recently joined the ILM team and the leather industry from the fashion and retail sector, where I was Editor of a leading b2b magazine, I have been eager to learn about the leather trade, including the challenges it faces and opportunities ahead. It’s quite apparent that there are many parallels between the key issues in both sectors. 

How I was fooled by synthetic leather

Leather Naturally Chair, Egbert Dikkers thought he was making a sustainable choice when he opted for an electric car with leather interior. So why was his car delivered with plastic seats? 


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