Industry Member

Companies active in the leather value chain paying an annual fee to support the Leather Naturally cause.

  • Annual Fee: USD 2,000/--

Media Partner

Media partners supporting the Leather Naturally cause.

  • In-kind membership

In-kind Member

  • Partners/individuals who are committed to positivley promote leather
  • Contra arrangement, fee or project investment as appropriate
  • Leather Naturally is interested to work closely with with associate organistaions in mutually beneficial partnerships

Member Benefits:

  • Inclusion of your company logo on the home page of the Leather Naturally website

  • Inclusion of your company logo on the Members panel at the entrance of the Leather Club at APLF and ACLE;

  • Right to use the “Leather Naturally Official Sponsor” logo on all your marketing materials

  • Exclusive access to the Leather Club for representatives from your organisation as well as your customers and associates

  • Access to materials to use when discussing leather with customers 

  • Access to additional material to use with  other parts of the supply chain especially with designers, retailers and some interested consumer groups

  • Access to materials which help answer questions about leather, the chemicals and processes we use

  • Support a body that will confront those who deliberately mislead consumers about leather

  • Access to training material designed for retailerss and others in the supply chain

  • Ability to link into extensive activity on new media and learn how this may work for your own business


To become a member of Leather Naturally and support our industry, please email your interest including your name, company name, contact details to

For the first year, you will be invoiced from the month following the date that LN confirmed your membership. Subsequent years will be invoiced every January for the year ahead. You can terminate your membership at the end of each year, with at least 2 months notice, by e-mail to 

In-kind members are considered to be full members with an annual payment in kind, through promoting leather as a sustainable material, giving media attention and speaker opportunities, sharing useful information, stimulating own members or partners to become a paying member and stimulating them to support the activities of Leather Naturally financially.   

Leather Naturally is an Association established in the Netherlands – Chamber of Commerce registration 72877006